Patient Screening

COVID-19 Test Form

The South African government has issued a state of disaster in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, at the time of this notification COVID-19 is a category 1 notifiable condition. In the event a patient is suspected to have this disease a PUI (patient under investigation) form needs to be completed prior to testing. This form will be available at all our testing sites.

How its done

PCR Methodology

JDJ Diagnostics performs a single PCR methodology to test for COVID-19, which will be billed to an amount of a single PCR test for medical aid, please note that medical schemes have not made it clear that they will reimburse the member as a benefit, so all tests will be billed from the members savings. JDJ Diagnostics will also be offering this test on a cash option at R950 per test, this will be billed up front prior to testing, we at JDJ Diagnostics are committed to providing timeous results however due to the international climate, and there is a severe shortage on kits worldwide, therefore the minimum turnaround time will be 96 hours.

Due to the demand of COVID-19 test, and the high risk associated with the virus, we have allocated 3 testing sites in KZN for COVID-19 screening. These sites will only be open for the purposes of COVID-19 screening and will not be separate from all our other pathology requests. These sites will be staffed with qualified personnel to ensure that samples are collected in a safe and professional manner and systems have been put into place to ensure the health and safety is been maintained during these processes. A combination of nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swabs will be taken from the lower respiratory tract.

Only patients who have been referred by a doctor will be allowed to access this facility; upon arrival the patient will be given a NICD Patient investigation form to complete and once this is complete the patient will be taken to the sample collection area.

These testing facilities will be in operation as of the 23/03/2020, they will be open from Monday to Friday 8am-5pm and on Saturday from 8am-1pm. Samples will not be collected outside of these times.

Our Testing Facilities

Durban Central

Shop 1 Lonecross Building
80 Cross Street


22 Payne Street

Shelly Beach

14 Shelly Boulevard Center
Corner East Street & Marine drive

In the event that samples for COVID-19 are submitted to JDJ Diagnostics, it is imperative that you contact our laboratory on 031-2014647 and inform us in advance of the specimen, all swabs must be accompanied by a PUI form which can be found at:

For all queries regarding the COVID-19 please contact our client services departments at 031-2014647 form Monday to Friday 8am-5pm and Saturday from 8am-1pm. Or alternatively you can call the NICD at 0800 02 9999 or 082 883 9920.