• Pathology Laboratories

    Patient centred, Pathology driven.

    We are a multi-disciplined pathologist run laboratory offering personalised and comprehensive care.

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  • COVID-19 Testing Services

    • Corporate Testing
    • Testing Centres
    • Drive-through Testing
    • Travelling Nurses

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    COVID Testing
  • Diagnostic Testing

    We offer a wide range of molecular, chemical, viral and other pathology tests.

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    Diagnostic Medical Testing

Comprehensive Diagnostic Testing

JDJ Diagnostics offers a wide range of molecular, chemical, viral and other pathology tests.

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Get tested at your home or office

Our experienced and professional nurses can test you and your family, at your convenience.

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Meet the team - Our Pathologists

Pathologists, Medical Scientists and Technologists are a vital part of any patient’s care team.

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Medical Insurance Services

JDJ Diagnostics offers a SANAS and ASISA accredited pathology service to the insurance medical and hospital industries.

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COVID-19 Testing Information

JDJ Diagnostics offers on-site or remote testing services to support COVID-19 prevention and treatment. We strive to deliver results with the highest degree of diagnostic excellence and integrity.


Pathology Sample Collection
Sample Collection Procedures

JDJ Diagnostics

COVID Testing for Travel
COVID Pre-Travel Testing Information

JDJ Diagnostics

Molecular Diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 in SA

Dr. P.M. Durand, Dr. A. Hoosen

Iron Deficiency
Iron deficiency: Clinical Pathology and Treatment

Prof. P.M. Durand, Dr. O. Kgotleng